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Australia Projects

Queensland Wind And Solar Projects

Integra Clean Energy has proposed an on-shore wind and solar hybrid with overhead transmission project, and an off-shore wind with submarine transmission project in Queensland, Australia.

Integra started the development of these projects in January 2018.

Current Status of the Projects

A preliminary project proposal with a preliminary feasibility study was submitted to the Queensland government in June 2018.

There are currently four potential investors for the on-shore and off-shore transmission networks, and a number of potential investors for the on-shore wind solar farm and the off-shore wind farm.

Integra is currently holding discussions with potential transmission and generation investors to provide capital for project development and preliminary feasibility for state and federal approval; and balance of development capital for full feasibility study, contractor and PPA procurement, registration as a participant in the National Electricity Market. Long term equity shall be raised after PPA and NEM registration are achieved, followed by debt raising, to achieve financial close.