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Renewables replacing fossil fuels reduces greenhouse gas emissions

INTEGRA CLEAN ENERGY provides services for:

On-Shore Wind, Solar, Off-Shore Wind, Biomass, Hydro Power and Geothermal Electricity Transmission and Distribution to Electric Vehicles, Airports, Railways, Ports and Cities.

Integrating transmission and distribution of clean energy to existing (operational) or greenfield (construction phase) infrastructure assets such as transportation (airports, ports, shipping, roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, metro), water supply and wastewater treatment utilities, solid waste treatment, desalination, pipelines, chemicals, garments, extractive, construction, food, beverage, agriculture, cement, iron and steel, semiconductor, paper,  pharmaceuticals, vehicles manufacturing, property, hospitality, telecommunications, commercial and public) to reduce the consumption of high emissions fossil fuels such as coal, heavy fuel oil and diesel.