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Chiao, Yen-Shong

By admin@bd on Mar 27 in Team Member.

Dr. Chiao is an electricity market specialist with vast design, implementation, operations and advisory experience.  In 2008-2009, he led an international team which completed the design and drafted the market rules for Vietnam’s cost-based competitive generation market (CGM). Subsequently in 2010-2011, Dr Chiao. assisted the Electricity Regulatory Authority and the National Load Dispatch Centre of Vietnam on the development of seven market operational manuals for the CGM. He led the market implementation and evolution in Singapore (2002-2004) and New Zealand (1999-2002) and the implementation of the Philippine wholesale electricity market (2004-2006). He now applies his expert knowledge to assist potential generation and transmission investors assessing the value of target assets in a rule-based market environment including managing transmission congestion.  Dr. Chiao’s clientele includes policy makers, regulators, power industry players, developers, investors and financiers from the following countries/markets:  New Zealand, Australia, Japan, USA, Europe, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Macau, Cambodia, Thailand, Russia and Italy.

Experience: Electricity Markets, Design and Implementation

Energy Market Company (EMC), Singapore

JV EMC-Singapore Exchange, Singapore

Aboitiz Power, Philippines

Taipower, Taiwan; Tokyo Gas, World Bank; Energy Regulatory Authority of Vietnam

Energy Regulatory Commission, National Grid Corporation, Philippines

Sudanese Electricity Commission, Sudan; Malakoff, Malaysia

PB Power: ERA Vietnam, Macau Elec Co, RP Energy Taiwan Co-Gen/Aboitiz

Hydro OGK, Russia

HSBC, Gas Market Study, Hong Kong-Guangdong

M-Co, Electricity Market Operator, Chief Economist. New Zealand.

PhD, University of California, Davis; MS U of Massachusetts; BS National Taiwan U.

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