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Philippe Grelon

By admin@bd on Mar 27 in Team Member.

Philippe Grelon has 30 years of global experience in biomass and waste-to-energy, specializing in the collection and treatment of solid, liquid and hazardous waste, recycling, incineration, land filling, industrial services, specific industrial cleanings and grease recovery to biodiesel. He has commercial, EPC, operational and M&A experience of environmental and waste management services in the Asia Pacific region, France, Ireland and Portugal. Philippe has managed several waste management, and integrated recycling and waste-to-energy project companies and achieved financial returns for these projects. His geographical experience extends from Asia Pacific to Europe, and is an adviser to the French Ministry of Commerce.

Experience: Waste-To-Energy, Environmental Asset Management

Veolia Environmental Services, General Manager, Hong Kong

Veolia Environmental Services Asia Recycling, Chairman, Hong Kong

Onyx Taho CEO, Taiwan

Centeonyx Pte Ltd – Chairman and CEO Electronic Recycling, Singapore

Onyx-South East Asia, CEO, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines

Onyx New Zealand, Managing Director, New Zealand

Collex – Onyx, Australia

Vinci Environnement, Hong Kong

Total-Eren Groupe-TMW Technologies, Hong Kong, China, Singapore

Adviser to the French Ministry of Commerce

MBA HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales), France

Master of Engineering ICAM (Institut Catholique des Arts et Métiers), France.

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