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Stefan Zhurek

By admin@bd on Mar 27 in Team Member.

Stefan headed the National Agency for Foreign Investment and wrote European Business Sourcebook, Foreign Direct Investments in East and West Europe, published by International Thomson Business Press, with Michael See, while he was Director of Russian Programs at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. Stefan assisted in obtaining the country preface from Victor Chernomyrdin for the country preface on Russia. He led several international investments in Russia as chairman of NAIF, which included renewable energy investments in wind, solar, biomass and hydro-electric power. Stefan’s capabilities include the development and management of international agricultural and economic development programs; planning and structuring food security programs, high speed railway project investment; and adviser to the governments of Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus.


National Agency for Foreign Investment, Chairman of the Board, Russia

Sapsan High Speed Train Moscow–St. Petersburg, Project Team, Russia

Harvard University, Professor of International Economics, USA

John F. Kennedy School of Government, Director of Russian Programs, USA

PhD, Birmingham University (International Economics), UK

PhD, Moscow State University (Economics), UK

MBA, Harvard Business School, USA

MA, University of California, Berkeley (Economics), USA

BA, Moscow State University (Economics), Russia.

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