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Financing Solutions For Clean Energy Projects

By admin@bd on Feb 21 in Sector.

Structuring the Deal – Project Financing

INTEGRA CLEAN ENERGY, in conjunction with its partners, can provide services for:

Initial Technical and Commercial Pre-Feasibility Study of Clean Energy projects including transmission and Distribution to customers and consumers;

Project financing by financial institutions including commercial and investment banks, private equity funds, hedge funds, pensions funds and venture capital companies to invest and raise debt for projects in terms of syndicated loans, debt funds, green bonds and climate bonds;

Project development; technical, commercial and financial pre-feasibility study and full feasibility; cultural heritage and indigenous community liaison for project development and implementation stages; development planning approval by state and federal government (as applicable), contractor procurement, PPA procurement, registration as participant in state and regional electricity markets (as applicable), financial close, and obtaining Notice-To-Proceed authorization from state and national governments.

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